Savannah/Charleston RV Road Trip Day 1: Natchez State

Come along as we start our much awaited trip to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC! During this video series my hope is to show you what it’s like to travel in an RV, and to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of these two wonderful cities. This is a new genre for our channel, and I am very excited to do some travel videos for everyone to enjoy. As always, please like, comment, and subscribe if you have not!

GA-SC Vaca Day 1_Fotor

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RV Essentials Videos

Here are two recent RV videos to my YouTube channel PaleoHikerMD

RV Essentials_Fotor

We are relatively new to the RV ownership scene, and one thing that became apparent in a hurry is that you need a good deal of stuff to get going on your first trip with a new RV whether it be a travel trailer or a motorhome. Here is our list of the Top 10 Items we feel are Essential to get on the road for your first RV Road Trip!

Here is a LINK to the RV Checklists I refer to at the end of the video. These are by no means meant to be exhaustive, they are simply what I USE! –

NEXT 10 RV Essentials_Fotor

This is a follow up video to our previous video on our Top 10 Essentials for the new RV owner. As you move into a little more into the RV lifestyle you quickly realize there are certain items that may not be essentials, but that can really help in many areas. This video explores 10 additional RV purchases we suggest early in your RV adventure.

We are no RV experts, and this is merely our OPINION on some things we find useful. We hope you find it useful as well!

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Solo Hike: Fatwood SCORE, New Flint and Steel Kit, and DIY Paleo Dehydrated Meal

Hey guys, hope all are doing well! Had a great hike this weekend on the Wild Azalea trail. It has been blazingly hot in the last two weeks, and I was so glad today was ONLY a high of 93. I got out early while it was still cool. I was able to make a major score on some high quality fatwood. I tell you what to look for to make a similar find for yourself. I also use my new flint and steel kit for the first time. In fact, it’s the first time I ever use a flint and steel!. Lastly, I try out my latest experiment…DIY Dehydrated Paleo Backpacking food! It was a fun morning, hope you all enjoy 🙂

Click on the Image below to see the video!

Solo WAT with Fatwood_Fotor

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My Whole 30 Meals In 5 Minutes

Ever wonder what to eat during a Whole 30? Or looking for inspiration during your Whole 30?

Here is a quick video showing you (almost) all of my meals during my recent June 2015 Whole 30. Not all are included because some days I just forgot to take the pictures! None the less…stay inspired, make your goals, start your Whole 30 soon. It’s worth every effort to improve YOUR health!

Whole 30 Meals

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A Physician’s Whole 30 – BOOM! Day 30 “The End”

That’s right folks…BOOM!  Great day today, almost like a celebration.  A day to reflect on all the hard work, the sacrifice, the dedication, and the fun I had on this Whole 30.  It’s my 3rd, and I am planning it to be my last.  I feel I’ve learned what I need to learn from the Whole 30, and in fact I will be doing a follow up video on what I have learned throughout the three separate 30 day periods in the next week or two.

Today’s video includes the standard discussion on how today went, my challenges, my HTOD which today is a LIFE Tip of the Day!, and of coarse what I ate today complete with pictures!

What a journey, and I promise to get out a video soon on what I learned and what I see as the key takeaways from the Whole 30 Challenge.  If you have not yet, check out my post after my INITIAL WHOLE 30 which was actually featured on’s FRESHLY PRESSED section! It’s a journey through each separate Whole 30, and I want to take some time to get my thoughts together before making the video.

I plan on getting more active on the blog soon enough, but quite frankly I have 4 months to study for my Internal Medicine Board Re-Certification Exam so I won’t have as much time as I would like.  That said, I will try to post something Paleo related every week or two if possible.  All along, please stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more fun videos on any number of things I love to do!

Thanks so much for watching, and I pray YOU start YOUR Whole 30 soon!

Click on the Image Below to See Today’s Video…THE END!

Whole 30 Day 30


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A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 29 “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Well guys, it’s about that time!  Tomorrow is day 30 and the end of our journey.  I hope and pray that if you are coming on this journey with me that you have stuck with it, and that you are about the reach this very difficult goal.

If you think it’s easy to do a Whole 30, well then TRY IT!  It’s NOT easy, it takes effort, and commitment, and dedication, and planning, and sacrifice, and hard work.  And, it’s 100% worth every day!

Today’s video details how my day went, challenges I faced, the HTOD focusing on CONSISTENCY in life, and of coarse what I ate in detail.  Don’t miss it!

Click on the image below to see today’s video!

Whole 30 Day 29

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A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 28 “Brown Eyed Girl”

Alright everyone, two more days to go!  The momentum is building and all is well.

I spent a great afternoon today with my wife, thus today’s song title choice:)  Wonderful Sunday spending time together and working on much needed things around the house…

Today’s video is standard fare with how today went, challenges encounter, the HTOD, and details on what we ate.  Today’s HTOD is a bit more extended and is devoted to you EDUCATING yourself about your health.  Be an ENGAGED patient with your doctor, not just a sound absorber!

Hang in there only two more days and your amazing journey is over.  Tomorrow we will touch more specifically on post-Whole 30 life, so stay tuned.

Click on the image below to watch today’s video…

Whole 30 Day 28

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A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 27 “You’ve Got a Friend”

Hey everyone, hope your day was a great as ours was!  Got our Motorhome back from the shop and was able to get some maintenance done on it for our next two weekends of camping!  Ready to hit the road 🙂

Today’s video discusses how my day went, a challenge I faced, our HTOD, and of course detailed info and pictures on what I ate.  I hope you have seen that eating Whole 30 does not have to be hard, complicated, and certainly not dull.

Ever skimp on your veggie intake?  I used to and learned my lesson.  That’s what today’s HTOD is all about!

Hang in there, only THREE DAYS LEFT!

Click on the Image Below to Watch Today’s Video…

Whole 30 Day 27

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A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 26 “If It Makes You Happy”

So do diet’s work?  I mean really, do they?

Today’s HTOD addresses why they don’t, and how to stay away form the diet trap.  I also of course discuss how my day went, the challenges I faced, and what I ate.

I can’t emphasize enough to everyone how dangerous the next few days can be as we are so close, you are more likely to let your guard down the closer we get to the finish line!  Stay with it!

Click on the Image Below to See Today’s Video…

Day 26

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A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 25 “I Know What I Know”

Alright guys, day 25!

Pretty ho-hum day, and you will see that the end of your Whole 30 can be some of the most enjoyable of the month.  You are pretty set in your ways, you have this food thing down, and the health benefits of the program are so apparent that finishing this bad boy off is no problem!

Standard video including how my day went, today’s challenges, the HTOD, and a detail of what we ate.

It’s time to start contemplating post-Whole 30 plans, and we will delve into that a bit more in the days to come.  Stay tuned as the fun continues!

Click on the image below to see today’s video!

Whole 30 Day 25

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