My 5 “C’s” For Survival: VR to EDC Adventures

5 C's VR to EDC_Fotor

I was tagged by Ethan at EDC Adventures to do a VR showing my 5 “C’s” I would want in a survival situation. Well, here is my list. I try to include items that are easy to get, affordable, and efficient. Would love to hear what everyone thinks!

To keep the chain going I am supposed to tag three others, and I am tagging:

Dave at HighCarbonSteel Love

Lee at Pathway to Self-Reliance –

And Rashid at Smell N Roses –

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Channel Update, Lunch in the Woods, and A New Whole 30 Challenge!

WAT West & Channel Update_Fotor

Join me for today’s hike as I give an update on things to come this new year on PaleoHikerMD! It’s another beautiful, albeit hot day on the Wild Azalea Trail. This is a new section of trail for me, and the last area for me to explore on the trail.

Featured in this video are my new ENO DoubleNest Hammock, Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox stove, and Good To-Go Gourmet Dehydrated backpacking meals…in this case the amazing Yellow Thai Curry! Plus lots of other goodies.

Lastly I end the video with a challenge to all my viewers and subscribers! It’s not your normal YouTube challenge to check it out!

Links for things seen in the video:

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750 Sub Giveaway Time!

Hey everyone, I want to thank everyone SO much for subscribing and helping the channel grow. I’ve gotten to 750 subscribers, and it’s time for a giveaway!

I wanted to do a bit of a “theme” giveaway surrounding one of my favorite things to do in the woods. There are two ways to win, so watch the video and pick your method!

Thanks again to EVERYONE for their support. Share the video with others so that more can enter and have a chance to win.

750 Subscriber_Fotor

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Bushcraft Challenge: Starting a Fire with a Magnifying Lens

While it is fun to make fire with ferro rods, or friction, or even flint and steel…is the power of the sun underutilized? Should there be magnifying glass in all of our fire kits?

In this video I set out to explore what common materials used in fire lighting could work with a magnifying glass to create a fire. I test a total of 10 things to see if they work! Will they??

Lastly I pose a challenge to my fellow YouTubers, can you make a fire with a magnifying glass? You can use any tinder you wish, just film it, make a VR, and link it in the comment section! I said in the video that I will not give away anything, but I changed my mind. I’ll draw randomly from the responses and send the winner a pack of pocket frensel lenses! You have to read this far to know there is a giveaway 🙂 Good luck, and I hope everyone enjoys this challenge!

Magnifying Lens Fire_Fotor

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Lighting a Fire in Wet Conditions, and a Failed Bushcraft Breakfast!

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy today’s video! I set out for an old fashioned bushcraft breakfast, but it did not go as planned. I made the most of it and concentrated on lighting a fire in wet conditions. It has rained a TREMENDOUS amount in the last 10 days, and everything was soaking wet. This is a real look at how hard it can be to get a fire not only lit, but actually sustainable in this kind of we conditions.

I also show you my new Mojo Pot Stand for my Trangia Spirit Burner. I use it to make a much needed cup of coffee, and anyone with a Trangia should definitely look into the ultralight piece of kit.

Thank everyone for watching, and thanks for all the continued growth and support. As always, subscribe and like!

Fire in the Wet_Fotor

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A Day at Epcot: Disney RV Trip 2015

Join us as we spend the day at Disney’s Epcot theme park! We really had a blast this day, and I think you will too!

We rode as many rides as we could, and I brought the camera along for the fun! On this day we rode our FAVORITE ride in all of Disney, “Test Track”! We loved it, and I hope you all enjoy it. We also rode other rides, and watched the Illuminations fireworks and laser show that night. Thanks for watching, and enjoy the magic!


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A Day At Disney’s Animal Kingdom: RV Road Trip 2015

Join us as we spend a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! In this video you will experience the views of the Kilimanjaro safari ride, the live Lion King Show, the Finding Nemo Musical, and TONS of other amazing live animals! We enjoyed the Animal Kingdom very much, and the quality of the displays and to obvious care the park takes of the animals is nice to see. We would definitely do it again! I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for Epcot and the Magic Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom_Fotor_Fotor

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