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The Genesis Experience is my local gym I opened with two friends.  We emphasize functional exercise and the Paleo Diet, all in a friendly and fun group workout setting.

Alexandria CrossFit – My local Crossfit owned by some great people.  They are really changing the fitness scene in my home town.



FitPaleoMom – A blog started by my childhood next door neighbor, and current next door neighbor for that matter Kathryn Gassiott.  Katty and her husband Sam have been our friends for years, and we shared many a non-paleo meal together in the past.  When they went paleo, it cramped my cooking style and the number of meals shared ground to a halt!  They eventually convinced us to give Paleo a try, and we have not looked back since then.  She is a great cook, and even Paleo, she makes the best damn chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten.  Check out her blog and give her a follow…you won’t be disappointed!

Butterfield Farms – My local source for amazing Grassfed beef who raise cows the old fashioned way…and you can taste it!  Hit up their website if you are local and want to get in on the next Harvest.

Inglewood Farms – My local source for organic produce.  Check out their website to find out which farmer’s markets you can find them selling their goods.

The Paleo Mom – Great site if you are looking for ways to get your whole family involved with Paleo.  Sarah is an amazing cook and has tons of “goodies” your kids are sure to love!  We are also collaborating on a Medical Dogma series in the coming years.


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