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Whole 30: Day 15

Amazing to say, HALF WAY HOME today! I ate a late breakfast of olives today at the office and had a very busy day. For lunch I ordered a hamburger steak from a local restaurant and ate a handful of almonds. I got home and cooked dinner while my wife took our daughter to karate. I decided on grilled flat iron steak and roasted okra. For the okra I lined a baking sheet with foil and threw on the okra. I gave it a good shot of olive oil, salt, pepper and whole cumin seeds. I roasted it at 375 F (convection) for around 30 minutes.



Next I seasoned the steaks and grilled them up. The whole family likes our meat medium rare so that is nice. This meat came out amazing and both kids enjoyed it as much as we did!




Had another good day today! Tomorrow is a big one as my daughter graduates from Kindergarten! Have a good one.



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