Bushcrafting Essentials

Here is my list of Bushcrafting Essentials, and you have two ways to view them!  You can click on the image below and watch a short video where I review them, or read below under each picture.  Thanks for watching and reading.  If you like it, please share!

Bushcraft Kit 2_Fotor

LT Wright GNS Scandi Knife with Leather Sheath and Fire Steel


LT Wright Field Strop, Small Arkansas Fine Grit Honing Stone

Strop 2 Sharpening Stone

US Army Issue Alice Pack with Frame (Woodland Camo)

Alice Pack

Wetterlings Les Stroud Bushman Axe

Axe 1 Axe 2

Flint and Steel Kit

Flint and Steel

Bank Line

Bank Line

OliCamp Bush Pot

Cook Kit_Fotor

Laplander Folding Saw


Custom Leather Pouch as Maintenance Kit

Main Kit Closed Main Kit Open_Fotor

Tinder Box with Fat Wood and Char Cloth

Tinder Kit

Sawyer Mini Water Filter (for emergencies)

Sawyer Mini

Warbonnet Outdoors Mamajamba Tarp with Dutch Bling


Custom First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Pants



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