A Physician’s Whole 30 – BOOM! Day 30 “The End”

01 Jul

That’s right folks…BOOM!  Great day today, almost like a celebration.  A day to reflect on all the hard work, the sacrifice, the dedication, and the fun I had on this Whole 30.  It’s my 3rd, and I am planning it to be my last.  I feel I’ve learned what I need to learn from the Whole 30, and in fact I will be doing a follow up video on what I have learned throughout the three separate 30 day periods in the next week or two.

Today’s video includes the standard discussion on how today went, my challenges, my HTOD which today is a LIFE Tip of the Day!, and of coarse what I ate today complete with pictures!

What a journey, and I promise to get out a video soon on what I learned and what I see as the key takeaways from the Whole 30 Challenge.  If you have not yet, check out my post after my INITIAL WHOLE 30 which was actually featured on’s FRESHLY PRESSED section! It’s a journey through each separate Whole 30, and I want to take some time to get my thoughts together before making the video.

I plan on getting more active on the blog soon enough, but quite frankly I have 4 months to study for my Internal Medicine Board Re-Certification Exam so I won’t have as much time as I would like.  That said, I will try to post something Paleo related every week or two if possible.  All along, please stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more fun videos on any number of things I love to do!

Thanks so much for watching, and I pray YOU start YOUR Whole 30 soon!

Click on the Image Below to See Today’s Video…THE END!

Whole 30 Day 30


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2 responses to “A Physician’s Whole 30 – BOOM! Day 30 “The End”

  1. Angela

    July 1, 2015 at 10:16 am

    I am starting my own Whole 30 on Monday the 6th (which is also my birthday, what better gift could I give myself?!) I plan to read each day of your W30 as I go along so for inspiration and motivation. If time allows, I hope to share my journey on my blog as well. Thank you for sharing yours. You rock!

    • PaleoHikerMD

      July 1, 2015 at 11:15 am

      That’s AWESOME! Good luck, one day at a time you will get through it. And trust me, I know the “If time allows” bit! It was so hard to post a video/blog post every day for 30 days! Yes, there is no better Birthday gift to give yourself!


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