Silent Coffee – An Afternoon in the Woods

Silent Coffee_Fotor

Join me for a quick afternoon in the woods! Often we get outside and forget the real reason we are there…just to enjoy beauty and some quiet. Enjoy the sights, the sounds, and some new gear namely my Bushcraft USA 10 x 7 tarp :), and a quick cup of coffee on my Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox…

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Bushcraft Lunch with the Kids: Steak, Ramen, and Bannock!

Kids Bushcraft Lunch_Fotor

Join me as I take the kids out for a morning on the Backbone Trail! We find a nice spot, they help me build a fire, and we cook up quite a fine lunch. Steaks over the open fire on our custom bushcraft rig, bannock, and of coarse some Ramen Noodles! We had such a wonderful time, I just love time with my kids in the woods! The grow more and more interested in bushcrafting every time we go out. After we hung up our ENO hammocks, but ended up packing up and racing the rain to get back to the car. Join us on this fun adventure!

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My New Custom Bushcraft Knife: VerSteeg Blade No 14

VerSteeg Blade No_Fotor

Join me as I unbox my new custom bushcraft knife from VerSteeg Blades. Kyle VerSteeg has a YouTube Channel (averageiowaguy) and he also makes custom knifes. I talk about the process his company, and show off the blade. I am beyond happy with what I got, and I highly encourage anyone out there looking for a custom knife to check out Kyle!

Here is a write up he did about the knife, which is No. 14 to come out of his new Michigan shop:

Averageiowaguy on YouTube:

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Gear Review: Trangia Spirit Burner

Trangia Spirit Burner_Fotor

This is a classic piece of equipment, but for those not familiar with this great little alcohol stove I think a full review is in order! This is one of my two favorite alcohol stoves, the other being my DIY Cat Can Stove. When not concerned about weight, this is my go to stove.

The review gives all the specifics, as well as what makes it the best general alcohol stove in my opinion. Thanks for watching!

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1000 Subscriber Giveaway Announcement!

1000 Sub GAW_Fotor

Well guys, I’m amazed at reaching 1000 subscribers! I really want to give something special away, and this is what I came up with.

There are two ways to enter as detailed in the video: you can comment below for one chance to win, or post s VR to earn 3 chances to win. (It goes without saying you need to SUBSCRIBE to my channel as well 🙂 Deadline is Feb 12th at Midnight so get busy!

It’s a nice gift, so you will want to watch this one 🙂

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Paleo Spaghetti and Meatsauce

Paleo Spaghetti and Meatsauce_Fotor

Are you looking for a tasty, easy, and HEALTHY meal to cook for your family? Well, in today’s video we leave the woods and head into the kitchen for one of my family’s favorite meals!

Do you need to make changes in your diet? Is it time for a real change?? Look into Paleo! Don’t believe what you hear, just try it.

Never tried spaghetti squash? What are you waiting for?! You may not believe it, but you won’t even remember they make pasta after you try this stuff!

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Day Hiking the Backbone Trail and Lunch Time Shoutouts!

Backbone Trail_Fotor

Hey everyone, hope your new year is starting off well! I have had my eye on the Backbone trail for quite some time. It is in the Kistachie Hills Wilderness area so it is very undeveloped land.

The goal of this video is to give the viewed a detailed idea of what hiking the trail is like. This terrain is unlike any I have encountered in the state of Louisiana. It is rocky, hilly, and reminds me very much of hiking in the Ozarks in Arkansas.

I give some much deserved shoutouts while eating lunch, so please make sure and check out my friends on YouTube!


HighCarbonSteel Love

Lee Ralph

EDC Adventures

Smell N Roses

Sufficient Survival


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