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PaleoHikerMD Patches FOR SALE! Limited Quantity Available!

PaleoHikerMD Patches_Fotor

Many have asked for them, and they are finally here! I’m offering my custom PaleoHikerMD patches for sale for $8.00 to the US, and this includes shipping. If you are outside the US and want to purchase one, send me an email and I’ll see what shipping will cost me. They are fully velcro backed, and they really turned out nice!

Buying one is easy! Simply send $8.00 to my email via PayPal, Choose “goods and services” as the type of payment and make sure that your address is either linked to your account, or add a “note” including your full address for me. I’ll try to get shipments out weekly until they run out.

THIS VIDEO WILL REMAIN LIVE UNTIL I RUN OUT, THEN I’LL TAKE IT DOWN! Thanks as always to everyone for their support, and I hope you get a patch today!

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Making a BETTER Fire Starter: Easy Light Waxed Cotton Rounds

Better Waxed Cotton Round_Fotor

If you have ever made waxed cotton fire starters, you know that they can be a bit of a pain to start if you don’t have an open flame source. Well, I set out to fix that, and this is what I came up with. Thanks for watching!

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BEST Solid Fuel Option?: Expedition Fuel Tabs – Better Than Esbit?

Expedition Fuel Tabs_Fotor

Join me today as we look at a new product on the market, Expedition Fuel solid fuel tablets by Expedition Research. We take a good look at them, and compare it with both Esbit and UST solid fuels. Results are interesting! Thanks for watching.

Expedition Fuel
Esbit Fuel
UST Fuel

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Survivor Filter Pro – The BEST Survival/Emergency Water Filter?

Water is life, and clean water is arguably the most important commodity in an emergency situation. This filter CLAIMS to be the best independently tested water filter on the market. It has a good price point, so I decided to check it out! Hope you enjoy, and please share if you enjoy the video.

Survivor Filter Pro_Fotor

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Shop Tour New Years 2018

Shop Tour 2_Fotor

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Years! Today we take a look at my shop with an updated shop tour! Both my “inside” and “outside” shops have changed quite a bit in the last year, so I hope everyone enjoys! Please comment and subscribe.

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Paleo Friendly Backpacking Meals: Paleo Meals To Go!

Paleo Meals to Go_Fotor

One of the struggles of getting out on trail and trying to stick to the Paleo lifestyle is what to eat! Join me today as we look at a product specifically designed for hikers who want to stay as Paleo as possible out on the trail! As a bonus, I discuss a bit about what Paleo is all about.

Thanks for watching!

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Paleo Salsbury Steak – Quick, Easy, and Tasty Meal!

Paleo Salsbury Steak_Fotor

Felt like another cooking video, so today I’ll show you how to cook an easy Paleo version of Salisbury Steak! Thanks for watching!

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