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Whole 30: Day 16


Today was not an ordinary day…my daughter graduated from Kindergarten this morning and it was quite the production. Amazing how much she has seemed to grow up in this short amount of time. We had to get up and at it early today so I got the little guy dressed while mom got the graduate ready. I wanted to eat a good breakfast so I whipped up an omelette and some left over flat iron steak for my wife and I. It hit the spot…

After the cap an gown came off we took our girl to her favorite place to eat…Chick-fil-a. The adults sipped on water while the kids ate and played in the play area for a while. After we headed to our favorite local place for some chicken wings. The afternoon was pretty lazy and I actually fell asleep on the couch at some point for at least an hour…I love when that happens!

I went to bed last night with no plan for dinner tonight, but that all changed when I found the pound of crab meat I had bought at Sam’s a week ago. Crabcakes are tasty, and I usually have what I need on hand to make them. I had to make a little Paleo mayo, but otherwise it was a pantry dinner. Roasted off some asparagus to go with and dinner was served. One tip is to form the cakes with a ring mold and refrigerate them for around an hour to give them a good chance of not crumbling to pieces. Even with that, two of the eight cakes I made kind of crumbled. I made a quick spicy guacamole on the side to complete the plate. Man, these were good!


Another day down. I’m starting to think I was crazy to plan my Whole 30 with the last week being during my vacation, but that’s the way it turned out! Hope all are well, till tomorrow.



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Update 2/28/12

Well, I had an excellent day off, that included an extended nap! I’ve been thinking of how to improve my crab cake recipe, and I think I did it today! So, here we go!

I started with some wonderful beets I got from Inglewood Farms (all the produce tonight is from Inglewood). I washed and trimmed them, put them in an oven proof dish, add a splash of water, cover tightly with foil, and put in a 400 F oven for 45 minutes or so. The actual cook time will vary depending on the size of the beets. Once done, let them cool, and use the back of a pairing knife to peel off the skins. Dice them up and place in a bowl with salt, pepper, and your vinegar of choice. Now I like beets, and most cookbooks I have say to let the beets marinate in vinegar a while before adding any oil. So, I added balsamic vinegar and around 30 minutes later, added a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Beets done!


Next I’ll address the side vegetables. Tonight we had carrots and cauliflower. I trimmed and peeled the veggies, and placed them on a sheet pan. On the carrot side I added some garlic infused macadamia nut oil with salt and pepper. For the cauliflower i added olive oil and garlic powder. The pan went into the same 400 F oven for around 30-40 minutes and that was it!


Lastly for the crab cakes. In a bowl I put half a yellow bell pepper diced finely, three scallions diced finely, one egg well beaten, two tablespoons of paleo mayo, a tablespoon of Old Bay Seasoning, and a pound of fresh crab meat. Gently mix the ingredients and form into 8 small patties. Put them in the fridge to firm up so they stay together while you fry them up. In a shallow plate sprinkle some coconut flour. Melt a little coconut oil in a skillet over medium high heat. Coat the cakes in flour and fry in the coconut oil around 3-4 minutes a side until the are a nice golden brown on both sides.




Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but crab cakes to me just need a sauce to make them pop! I found some mild pickled type baby peppers my mom gave me (picture attached) and blended them up with my immersion blender along with a few heaping spoonfuls of coconut milk and a few drops of agave syrup. Plate everything up and it’s time to eat! Hope everyone has a good day…




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