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So now that Congress has declared Pizza a vegetable, can we call it Paleo Friendly??

How Washington lost the war on childhood obesity:  Food industry hasn’t lost a single fight with DC despite mounting evidence that unhealthy food causes obesity

You simply can’t make this stuff up!  Read this article and be amazed at how counterproductive and political the government is when it comes to school foods.  Even if you can’t read the whole article, here are two quotes that should blow you away…

“In contrast, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, widely regarded as the lead lobbying force for healthier food, spent about $70,000 lobbying last year — roughly what those opposing the stricter guidelines spent every 13 hours, the Reuters analysis showed.”

“The political battles over what children eat and drink are crucial to the nation’s health, experts say, because the tripling in childhood obesity in the last three decades foretells diabetes, heart disease and other illness in decades to come. America is one of the fattest nations on earth, and the Institute of Medicine, in a 2006 report requested by Congress, said junk food marketing contributes to an epidemic of childhood obesity that continues to rise”

Oh, why not one more…

“We haven’t reversed the epidemic,” Dr. William H. Dietz, director of the division of nutrition, physical activity and obesity at the CDC, said in an interview. “This may be the first generation of children that has a lower life span than their parents.”

Where is all this getting us as a nation?  Please pass this kind of information on to as many as you can.  The short-sightedness of a congress that can be lobbyed to the point of declaring pizza a vegetable is mind blowing to say the least (Really it’s not, it’s politics after all).  Soon I suspect Ice Cream will be declared an excellent source of calcium!

I can’t say I’m surprised, but it emphasizes again why we all have to push for the RIGHT change…

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