A Physician’s Whole 30 – Day 8 “I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction”

09 Jun

(Sorry guys, I messed up the video link this morning so I am reposting!)

Day 8 is now behind us, and it was a pretty good day! Being post-call my energy was a bit down, but I pressed on and in the end had a very good day.

I touch a little bit tonight on staying well hydrated. How can you tell if you are drinking enough? I’ll tell you my simply method that I share with my patients day to day.

You have to stick with me now, we are almost past the worst part of this journey and you don’t want to miss the pay off.

I saw today a new study in the Lancet that between 1990-2013 the worldwide incidence of Diabetes WENT UP 45%!!! Holy Cow! Why are we doing this? Why do we NEED to get others to join in? There is your answer folks…

Click on the Image Below to see Today’s Video…

Whole 30 Day 8

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