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Whole 30: Day 23


Greetings all, had a great day in the Smokies today with the family. But we were greeted with this lovely discovery. Like any good day, it started with a good solid breakfast.

We decided to head into the Smokies by heading to the Cade’s Cove Scenic route. It was an absolutely beautiful slow drive through a blend of wild flower fields and lush woodlands. We also saw several preserved period homes and churches.

The best part of the trip was toward the end when we came up on a momma black bear and her two cubs. The were less then ten feet from the car for five minutes munching on leaves. Then they just crossed right behind our car and headed out. Awesome sight to see!
Next we came home and I started up on dinner. I had some awesome looking Ribeyes, and I roasted up some okra and peppers. Last, since we have a boat load of apples from our orchard trip a few days ago, sautéed up some more apples in ghee!

Tomorrow we head out on a rafting trip! Should be a blast, hope allure well. 7 days left!




Whole 30: Day 22

Greetings all. I’m a day late posting for yesterday, but better late than never! I woke up a little late and put together a quick breakfast for the crew.

Next we headed up to Ober Gatlinburg which is a very touristy theme park of sorts above Gatlinburg. Yes, it was cheesy, but the kids had a last! We rode the chair lift up the mountain and I snapped this pic with my little man.

For lunch we ate at the Mexican Cantina at the park….LOL. I ordered a beef fajita Taco Salad without the shell, beans, cheese, or sour cream. Popped a little hot sauce on it and good to go. We then took a wonderful drive through the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest.


For dinner we hit a local steakhouse. Sirloin no butter, green beans, dry baked sweet potato. Pretty ho-hum, but it was tasty!


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Whole 30: Day 20 (A Very BEARable Day!)

Well, we made it to our destination in the Great Smokey Mountains! It was actually a pretty easy trip all in all. I attempted to eat breakfast at our hotel’s “free” breakfast…and that ended up being two bananas and black coffee…pickings were slim!

For lunch we ate at a barbecue joint in Chattanooga called Sugar’s ribs. We just saw a billboard and took a chance, but it was perfect! The entire menu is grilled and the options were awesome. I had what they call Fajita-Q which skirt steak marinated in essentially a sugar free margarita. They would not give me the recipe, but did verify there was no sugar. The meat was served with charred onions and hot peppers, and topped with radish and cilantro. I ordered a side of grilled okra that was out of this world! I felt like I was in Paleo heaven and it was by complete luck. I was planning on eating some brisket no sauce and praying for a side that was clean. They were proud that they did not fry anything (no fries on the menu!) and kept the food sugar free except in their sauces that were all on the table try. I’ll stop again on the way home if my wife will let me!



We pushed on and headed toward the Gatlinburg area, which was or final designation. It was amazing as it is around 19 miles from the interstate o Gatlinburg, and it took us like 2 HOURS o cover the distance! Talk about slow going with a 3 and a 6 year old in your car! We finally made it and found our cabin. It’s pretty nice, but the “gourmet equipped kitchen” always disappoints!

When the kids and I returned from grocery shopping, we had quite a surprise. My wife called as we were pulling up that a momma black bear and her 3 cubs were rummaging through our trash. Sure enough, here is our friend! They hung around a while, but the retreated into the woods. Something tells me they will be back

For dinner I grilled up some hamburger patties and topped them with an egg each. Kids had traditional burgers, and all were happy. Off to bed now, pretty tired. So nice o be on vacation, and I’ll try to keep everyone informed on my not only Paleo, but Whole 30 adventures! Peace




Whole 30: Day 19

Ok, I’ll say it…traveling in a car with two kids, your mother-in-law and a dog is not easy, and trying to stay Whole 30 is INSANE!! I should have planned this better, but oh well. I ate a few eggs on my way out the door and rounded at the hospital and the nursing home I work at. I got home and my wife had the car loaded up and ready to go. On the way put of town we ran through a barbecue joint and I got some pulled pork and green beans. Driving normally means drinking and snacking right?!! Harder on Whole 30 without doubt. I nibbled on almonds and drank water and did ok. We went to a local joint here where we are staying the night and I ate breakfast for dinner. Eggs and fruit. As far as I know I was compliant! Either way, I’m out. Off to dinner, early morning tomorrow back on the road to the smokies!




Whole 30: Day 18

Another busy day down, and another day of my Whole 30 in the books. What is becoming too much of a common theme around here is me running out of the house early to get through my hospital work before my clinic. Today was no exception, and I grabbed a few scrambled eggs on the way out the door.

For lunch I met a few buddies at a local eatery where a lot of the Paleo crowd tends to hang out. I got an awesome Ribeye, grilled veggies, and a baked sweet potato. Talk about hitting the spot!

Dinner started last night when I got a grassfed shoulder tip roast from Butterfield Farms and seasoned it well with salt, paprika, and garlic powder. I vacuum sealed it with a generous amount of fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs from the herb garden.

Next I filled my Sous Vide Supreme with water and set the temp to 131 F.

I put the roast into the sous vide and let it soak until tonight, right at 24 hours total. Before finishing off the meat I quickly steamed some green beans for just a few minutes to knock the rawness off, and then sautéed them over very high heat in some coconut oil. I kept a close eye on them because I wanted to get a really good char on them to bring out the best flavor.


Next I stemmed and halved some beautiful looking shitake mushrooms and quickly sautéed them in some olive oil.

With the side dishes waiting, I turned my attention back to the beef. I set my cast iron skillet on high heat and let it pre-heat for at least 5 minutes. I removed the beef from the bag and dried it off really well. I had to literally peel the herbs off of it, and the smell was amazing. I put some coconut oil in the skillet and put the roast in. Around 3 minutes later, NEVER moving the meat, I flipped it over for another 3 minutes. Lastly I quickly seared the edges of the meat and it was time to plate!




Another night down! Tomorrow starts probably the hardest part of my Whole 30…we leave on our week long vacation with the kids to the Smokey Mountains. Despite that, nothing can damper my excitement of getting on the road with the kids and my wife and enjoying some quality time together. I’m not sure how consistent I’ll be blogging during vacation, but I will try my best to keep things moving along and document as much as I can. My plan is to continue to publish nightly during my Whole 30, so we’ll see how that goes! One last picture of my dinner plate tonight and I’m calling it a night!


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Whole 30: Day 17

Today was another good day in Whole 30 land! I ran out of the house with nothing but an egg to eat. I had four new consults waiting for me along with my other patients, so I had to hustle to make it to clinic on time. Today was one of those days that was non-stop, jam packed, and everybody and their momma wanted to come in for an urgent appointment. Lunch was on one of the drug companies, so I ordered pork and a side of green beans from the barbecue place the nurses picked out. Pork was a little dry without the accompanying sauce…but I sucked it up Paleo style and kept it clean.

I got home and had no plan for dinner. My wife had to go to the church for a vacation bible school planning meeting, so it was just me and the kids. I’ll admit it, I didn’t feel like cooking a thing. Luckily the kids bailed me out by declaring they wanted chicken noodle soup. We still had cans left over from the pre-paleo days, so I heated some up for them! I settled on leftovers; one and a half crumbled Crabcakes, 3-4 ounces of flat iron steak, and some asparagus. I snazzed it up a bit with two eggs sunny side up to top the Crabcakes. Man, that took it over the top! I have to say, I’m tired tonight, so no more blogging. No pictures, just rest. Off to read some stories to the kids, catch you all tomorrow!




Whole 30: Day 16


Today was not an ordinary day…my daughter graduated from Kindergarten this morning and it was quite the production. Amazing how much she has seemed to grow up in this short amount of time. We had to get up and at it early today so I got the little guy dressed while mom got the graduate ready. I wanted to eat a good breakfast so I whipped up an omelette and some left over flat iron steak for my wife and I. It hit the spot…

After the cap an gown came off we took our girl to her favorite place to eat…Chick-fil-a. The adults sipped on water while the kids ate and played in the play area for a while. After we headed to our favorite local place for some chicken wings. The afternoon was pretty lazy and I actually fell asleep on the couch at some point for at least an hour…I love when that happens!

I went to bed last night with no plan for dinner tonight, but that all changed when I found the pound of crab meat I had bought at Sam’s a week ago. Crabcakes are tasty, and I usually have what I need on hand to make them. I had to make a little Paleo mayo, but otherwise it was a pantry dinner. Roasted off some asparagus to go with and dinner was served. One tip is to form the cakes with a ring mold and refrigerate them for around an hour to give them a good chance of not crumbling to pieces. Even with that, two of the eight cakes I made kind of crumbled. I made a quick spicy guacamole on the side to complete the plate. Man, these were good!


Another day down. I’m starting to think I was crazy to plan my Whole 30 with the last week being during my vacation, but that’s the way it turned out! Hope all are well, till tomorrow.



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Whole 30: Day 15

Amazing to say, HALF WAY HOME today! I ate a late breakfast of olives today at the office and had a very busy day. For lunch I ordered a hamburger steak from a local restaurant and ate a handful of almonds. I got home and cooked dinner while my wife took our daughter to karate. I decided on grilled flat iron steak and roasted okra. For the okra I lined a baking sheet with foil and threw on the okra. I gave it a good shot of olive oil, salt, pepper and whole cumin seeds. I roasted it at 375 F (convection) for around 30 minutes.



Next I seasoned the steaks and grilled them up. The whole family likes our meat medium rare so that is nice. This meat came out amazing and both kids enjoyed it as much as we did!




Had another good day today! Tomorrow is a big one as my daughter graduates from Kindergarten! Have a good one.



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Whole 30: Day 14

Greetings all! Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. My wife got a fancy new Point and Click Camera and I’m trying it out today for the pictures. Curious to see how the quality looks compared to my trusty Olympus Digital SLR.

This morning was a fairly typical sunday morning where we got up and got everyone ready for sunday school and church. I’m ashamed to say I ate NOTHING for breakfast today as I just didn’t feel too hot and putting something in my stomach didn’t sound very good to me. I did fix a coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon which I’m finally getting a taste for. For lunch we headed to a local steak house were I got the New York Strip (no butter), a dry baked sweet potato, and a water. It was a big steak, and it was yum. My twin nieces came over to play with my kids today, and we managed to entertain them by heading to a friend’s house (thanks @bariatricfreedo!) and swimming in their pool for a few hours. Upon return to the hacienda I threw some already cooked chicken thighs into the Sous Vide at 150 F to reheat. I threw some chopped up some yellow pepper, a few slices of left over acorn squash, a red onion, and a handful of green beans in a half sheet pan and roasted them to perfection. Next I cooked the chicken thighs in my cast iron skillet and crisped up the skins to absolute yumminess. Visit @nomnompaleo’s web page for that recipe along with tons of other great recipes. Here are the photos…



I want to thank all of you for following! Have a great day. Tomorrow is half way!!!


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Whole 30: Day 13

Another day down, and today was a challenging one to say the least. Every year our local arts center holds a fundraiser called Men Who Cook. Guys cook up stuff and serve it all night. People pay by “tipping” your table and all the tips go to the center. This year we entered the drink section because being our fifth hearing doing it, we wanted a little break from cooking!

This morning we had a lazy morning around the house. Somehow our kids managed to sleep till like 9, which is miraculous believe me. I wanted to try something new for breakfast. I decided to make hash browns out of sweet potatoes! I shredded a sweet potato, diced up am onion, and fried it in a non-stick skillet with ghee until the hash was nice and charred and yummy.



Next I set my sites on a two egg omelette. Actually, two of them as my wife was standing by as well. I heated a stainless steel pan super hot and added some ghee to it. I swirled the ghee around to coat the sides of the pan as well. I whisked up to farm fresh eggs and poured them into the hot pan. Gently swirl the pan in a circular motion for 10 seconds or so, then flip the omelette over on itself with quick short jabs with the pan. Serve with some of your hash and a few cherry tomatoes, and it’s breakfast time!




Thanks to the late breakfast I didn’t eat much all day. At the fundraiser it was decidedly not paleo friendly! My savior was two tables down where they were serving parts of their whole roasted pig! How paleo is that! It was a fun night, I managed to stay clean, and a good deal of money was raised for a good cause. On to tomorrow…the two week mark!


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