Whole 30: Day 19

25 May

Ok, I’ll say it…traveling in a car with two kids, your mother-in-law and a dog is not easy, and trying to stay Whole 30 is INSANE!! I should have planned this better, but oh well. I ate a few eggs on my way out the door and rounded at the hospital and the nursing home I work at. I got home and my wife had the car loaded up and ready to go. On the way put of town we ran through a barbecue joint and I got some pulled pork and green beans. Driving normally means drinking and snacking right?!! Harder on Whole 30 without doubt. I nibbled on almonds and drank water and did ok. We went to a local joint here where we are staying the night and I ate breakfast for dinner. Eggs and fruit. As far as I know I was compliant! Either way, I’m out. Off to dinner, early morning tomorrow back on the road to the smokies!




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