Whole 30: Day 17

23 May

Today was another good day in Whole 30 land! I ran out of the house with nothing but an egg to eat. I had four new consults waiting for me along with my other patients, so I had to hustle to make it to clinic on time. Today was one of those days that was non-stop, jam packed, and everybody and their momma wanted to come in for an urgent appointment. Lunch was on one of the drug companies, so I ordered pork and a side of green beans from the barbecue place the nurses picked out. Pork was a little dry without the accompanying sauce…but I sucked it up Paleo style and kept it clean.

I got home and had no plan for dinner. My wife had to go to the church for a vacation bible school planning meeting, so it was just me and the kids. I’ll admit it, I didn’t feel like cooking a thing. Luckily the kids bailed me out by declaring they wanted chicken noodle soup. We still had cans left over from the pre-paleo days, so I heated some up for them! I settled on leftovers; one and a half crumbled Crabcakes, 3-4 ounces of flat iron steak, and some asparagus. I snazzed it up a bit with two eggs sunny side up to top the Crabcakes. Man, that took it over the top! I have to say, I’m tired tonight, so no more blogging. No pictures, just rest. Off to read some stories to the kids, catch you all tomorrow!




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