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I LOST It in the Woods, Can I FIND It??! Mission in the Woods!

Finding the Signal Panel_Fotor

Ever have a hard time finding something and realize that maybe…you left it in the woods on a prior trip? What are the chances I would find it 6 MONTHS LATER?! Join me on my mission to find “IT”! Please share with your friends!

Music by Nihilore via SoundCloud: Creative Commons Music licenced under creative commons attribution licence.

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Paleo Backpacking Food – How to Try and Stay Paleo On the Trail!

Paleo Backpacking Food_Fotor

I’ve had quite a few requests to do a video on how to try and follow a Paleo Lifestyle on the trail. Truthfully, it can be somewhat difficult.

Join me today as I look at some options to stay Paleo on both day hikes and more long term adventures.

BE ADVISED: These are Paleo friendly options, not all of the options are technically 100% Paleo, but when hiking and backpacking, you have to simply try your best. Let’s see how many comments I get from people who don’t read the whole description 🙂 Thanks for watching.

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My Go To Backpacking Shelter/Sleep System | A Collaboration

Backpacking Collaboration_Fotor

Today I join with 12 other YouTube channels in a collaboration detailing our “Go To” Backpacking Shelter/Sleep System. Mine is composed of a hammock and tarp from Warbonnet Outdoors, Top and Bottom Quilt from Hammock Gear, and Hardware from Dutchware Gear. Here are links:

PLEASE Visit the other channels in the collaboration below and hit that subscribe button!

Backcountry Exposure:

Tim Watson:

Great American Survival:

Wasatch Gear Review:

Restless Outdoors:

Wasatch Will:

Kevin’s Adventures:

Jaxx Drinkwater:

The Weekend Hiker:


Rev Hiker:

Spiguyver Backpacking:

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Bug Out Bag Based on Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack


I was recently contacted by the company Scandinavian Gear and asked if I was interested in reviewing their 65 Liter pack. I get quite a few requests to review products, and am fairly picky about what I choose to review. This product peaked my interest for two reasons. First, I have been looking for a better quality pack to use as my BOB as my current bag is very uncomfortable. Second, and importantly, this is a 65 Liter bag for under $100!!

Join me today as I take a quick look at this excellent quality pack for the money, and review what is in my primary family BOB.

The quality on the backpack is more than acceptable for the money, and I do recommend this pack as not just a BOB, but for general backpacking as well. In fact, I will be taking it out on an overnight trip soon I liked it so much! Here is a link if you are interested in checking it out.

Link to Amazon Listing


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Budget Bushcraft Series: Folding Saws

Budget Bushcraft Folding Saws_Fotor

Today in episode 6 of our Budget Bushcraft Series we take a look at what I feel are the two most commonly used folding saws in bushcraft: the Bahco Laplander and the Sikly Gomboy! Which one is the best? You’ll have to check it out!

See the other episodes of the Budget Bushcraft series HERE

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