Bushcraft Challenge: Starting a Fire with a Magnifying Lens

27 Nov

While it is fun to make fire with ferro rods, or friction, or even flint and steel…is the power of the sun underutilized? Should there be magnifying glass in all of our fire kits?

In this video I set out to explore what common materials used in fire lighting could work with a magnifying glass to create a fire. I test a total of 10 things to see if they work! Will they??

Lastly I pose a challenge to my fellow YouTubers, can you make a fire with a magnifying glass? You can use any tinder you wish, just film it, make a VR, and link it in the comment section! I said in the video that I will not give away anything, but I changed my mind. I’ll draw randomly from the responses and send the winner a pack of pocket frensel lenses! You have to read this far to know there is a giveaway 🙂 Good luck, and I hope everyone enjoys this challenge!

Magnifying Lens Fire_Fotor

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