Lighting a Fire in Wet Conditions, and a Failed Bushcraft Breakfast!

11 Nov

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy today’s video! I set out for an old fashioned bushcraft breakfast, but it did not go as planned. I made the most of it and concentrated on lighting a fire in wet conditions. It has rained a TREMENDOUS amount in the last 10 days, and everything was soaking wet. This is a real look at how hard it can be to get a fire not only lit, but actually sustainable in this kind of we conditions.

I also show you my new Mojo Pot Stand for my Trangia Spirit Burner. I use it to make a much needed cup of coffee, and anyone with a Trangia should definitely look into the ultralight piece of kit.

Thank everyone for watching, and thanks for all the continued growth and support. As always, subscribe and like!

Fire in the Wet_Fotor

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