Bug Out Bags for Kids – How to Keep the Little Ones Safe and Comforted

21 Jun

I have detailed multiple areas of our family’s preparedness strategy, and today I wanted to look in detail at the bug out bags we have prepared specifically for our children.

It’s easy I think to forget about the kids, but their needs are different than us adults, and it times of disaster, making sure they are happy and comforted is super important in my opinion. Adults of course can get scared, but I think it’s a different level for kids. They need things that will make them feel like things are more normal, and that is what we concentrated on. Each of our kids got to individualize the contents of their bags to a certain extent after I put in the things I felt they both needed. This allowed them to feel like each bag was truly their own. I hope everyone enjoys the video, and please feel free to comment with any tips you may have. As always, these bags are ever a work in progress!

Click on the Image Below to Watch the Video!

Kids BOBs_Fotor

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