Disaster Preparedness Series – Shutting Off Utilities in Case of Emergency

08 Feb

You do NOT have to be a prepper to know certain things, and this YouTube video reviews one of the most important tasks any homeowner should know how to accomplish.  Learn how to shut off the utilities to your house in case of emergency.  If there is some sort of emergency you need to know how!  Examples?

If there is an earthquake and natural gas lines are compromised, it is a real possibility that your home could be subject to secondary explosions or fires.  Shutting that gas off keeps your home safe…

If there is a compromise of the water system, whether it be from a chemical issue, or simple contamination from day to day occurances, isolating your home from the contaminated water supply can be of great benefit to you and your family.  Most homes have traditional water heaters, and those are excellent resoviours to keep potable water for your family in case of emergency.  This video both shows you how to shut off water to your home, and how to access that water from your water heaters.

Anyway, as I said, every home owner should know how to do this. It could save both your life and your property from serious damage in any emergency!  So go ahead, take 10 minutes of your life and watch the video.  You just may be glad you did one day!  And while you are at it, subscribe to my channel!  You just might learn from some of my other videos past and present.


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