A Simple Answer to a Complex Question

05 Feb

People ask me all the time for “evidence” that the Paleo diet helps prevent chronic disease, and I have come to look at this two ways.  There are certainly scientific studies for and against this lifestyle, each with their own inherent biases.  So lets look at this very practically.

1)  Look around you.  Look at America, look at the world.  Look at the rate of obesity and diabetes, look at the rates of childhood obesity and diabetes.  Look at what we eat in America, how our diet has evolved over time to shift away from protein and fat and towards a carbohydrate based diet.  Look at the growth of the “health food” industry which is based primarily on cheap processed carbohydrates.  Look at the dramatic increase in diagnosis and incidence of auto immune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroid disease.  Look at the dramatic increase in cancers around the world.  LOOK, open your EYES.  Do we have 100% definitive proof that our diet causes all this?  No!  But, what if, what if we are right.  What if the very logical link between what we eat and what we are seeing in the health of humans does have something to do with our diet!  What if…

God is pretty smart in my humble opinion.  He knew how humans would best introduce badness to our bodies…so he put 80% or so of our immune system in our gut 🙂

Want proof, open your eyes!

2) You want a study telling you how Paleo will make you feel?  Do your OWN study, just try it for 30 days.  In scientific literature the power of a study is largely determined by the number of patients in a trial.  I certainly agree.  But, when there is not clear defining evidence, my opinion is that the most powerful study has an “N of 1″…YOU!  So, certainly eating only meat, fruits, and vegetables won’t kill you for a month.  So try it, do your OWN study!  You’ll be glad you did


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