Making a Family Emergency Plan – Easy 10 Step Guide to Preparing Your Family for an Emergency

11 Mar

Did you know every state, and FEMA recommend every home have a disaster plan in place? What does that include? Watch this video to find out!

We all live busy lives, and it’s easy to forget how quickly things can change to the point that our family could be in danger.  We take simple things like running water, plumbing that works, readily available food to eat, sufficient shelter over our heads.  This is NOT a doomsday prepper video, this is a simple plan that I believe EVERY family in America should address.  I look back on hurricane Katrina and the lessons we learned from it.  The government cannot stop all emergencies, and they cannot protect you from them either.  If Katrina taught us one thing, its that we should not expect the government to make everything smooth in such a disaster.  Are YOU willing to depend 100% on the government to protect YOUR family?

I tried to make this video as short as I could, but the information is VITAL to prepare your family for an emergency. There are so many scenarios for potential disaster for your family; some far fetched, some very real.

In this video you will see how easily you can get your family ready for most any disaster to give you a fighting chance to make it through all right. Don’t leave things to chance. Get your family ready TODAY!!

If you will, please share the link to anyone you know who you feel could utilize the information!  Better to be ALL prepared!


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