I’m Baaaaaaaack! Well, sort of…

02 Feb

Greetings everyone! Ernie here, AKA the PaleolithicMD. You guys may notice some changes to the blog page, and I wanted to explain. First of all, I will once again start posting to this page starting TODAY! I’d like to explain my absence a bit, and also share my plans for the future.

My love of Paleo, and my following of the Paleo lifestyle has not changed a bit since I last posted. In fact, in the last year I have opened a local gym with two friends grounded strongly on the concepts of Paleo Nutrition. That said, one thing has…my kids have gotten older! When I started PaleolithicMD I put everything I had in to it, and it took a great deal of time. In fact, too much time. Regardless of any desires I have to advance Paleo from the medical standpoint, first and foremost I am a dad and a husband. With a busy medical practice, I simply did not have the time to dedicate to my blog and facebook page in that form and forum.

My passion for the Paleo lifestyle can only be overshadowed by two things: my commitment to Jesus Christ as my savior, and my commitment to my wife and kids to be the absolute best father and husband I can be. Over the years my family has steadily gravitated towards being outside more and more. Along with that we have started to enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible including hiking, backpacking, geocaching, canoeing, hunting, traveling, and generally just having adventures as a family!

Given all this, I have decided to get back on this page, and change the name to PaleoHikerMD.  This name encompasses it all to me.  I want to continue to share my experiences with the Paleo Lifestyle, but also my passion for all things outdoors.

What can you expect on the page? Continued posting about Paleo and it’s importance in overall health…of course! Pictures of my yummy Paleo creations?, yes! But, in addition, you will get more access to me as a dad, a husband, and an outdoor enthusiast. I now post Instagram under PaleoHikerMD and Twitter under the same handle (but if you already follow me there you will simply see a name change and nothing else. In addition I have started a YouTube Channel PaleoHikerMD from which I will post videos to this page. In fact, I will post several of them tonight so there will be a bit of a movie bomb in a few hours! Up until tonight the page was known simply as HikerMD, so that’s how I introduce myself in the vids. But, starting with the next one it will be PaleoHikerMD. I’m pretty excited about that.  If you don’t mind, and you are interested, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!  I have plans to publish a great deal of content, including videos on hiking, geocaching, backpacking, gear reviews, practical preparedness, disaster preparedness, fun with kids, and of course Paleo!  In fact, as I’m mainly doing videos now, I plan on doing a series on cooking where I share some of my favorite Paleo Meals!  Even if some of the other stuff does not float your boat, at least the cooking Paleo will 🙂

I will stop my rambling and keep working. I appreciate everyone who follows me, and I apologize for my absence. That said, I hope everyone can appreciate the pressures of being a father, and the desire simply not to miss a second of your children growing up. My hope and my prayer is that this new Page and Channel will allow me to continue my passion with the Paleo lifestyle, but include activities with my kids so that they come along for the ride. Thanks again to you all, and God Bless every one of you. Now…go eat some Bacon :))

Here are a few of the videos on my channel that will give you a good variety of what I am doing over there.  Thanks again, and I look forward to interacting with as many of you as I can in the months to come.



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2 responses to “I’m Baaaaaaaack! Well, sort of…

  1. Angela

    February 3, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Yaaay! You were missed! 🙂 Glad to hear you are doing well.

    • erniegarcia76

      February 3, 2015 at 9:21 am

      Thanks, it’s good to be back :). It’s all about balance for me these days. Thanks for following!


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