Whole 30: Day 6

12 May

Another day down, and all is well!  Breakfast consisted of a handful of nuts as I ran out the door.  Went out to lunch with my wife and kids and I ordered a diet coke as usual.  My wife looked kind of funny at me and asked if I realized I had ordered one!  I had to send it back and get my water…total habit!  For lunch I had some chicken and a side of fruit.  For dinner tonight I was excited to try out the first of our grassfed beef shipment we got in yesterday!  I decided to go simple and cooked up some hamburger steaks.  To complete the Umami fest I fried up some freerange eggs I also picked up from Butterfield Farms along with some enoki mushrooms from the store.  Man…talk about good!

Big day tomorrow…I teach my first Sunday School Lesson at church…wish me luck!



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