Paleo Food Update 5/1/12

01 May

Two quick updates about dinner the last two nights.  Like to keep everyone informed about what we eat around here so everyone remembers it’s not impossible to cook healthy for your family, and it does not need to take too long either!

I got the Sous Vide Pork Carnitas recipe from Nom Nom Paleo’s blog and put it to good use.  It takes a bit of planning as you brine the pork for 24 hrs, then cook it for 24-48 hours in the Sous Vide.  All I can say is WOW these things are good!  My children officially called the Pork Nuggets, which is fine with me since they scarfed them down in a hurry.  Served them with a simple quick guacamole.

This last recipe demonstrates the ease of sous vide cooking.  I bought a pork loin roast, seasoned it with some homemade mushroom spice mix, and vacuum packed it.  On the way out the door to work I popped it into the sous vide and let it soak all day.  When I got home I got my cast iron skillet hot, and seared it off on all sides. 10 minutes of hands on time and I had the most tender pork I have ever served in my kitchen.  A little side of cinnamon apples did the trick.

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