Paleo Food Photo Dump!

26 Apr

Although I have not posted much of my cooking lately, by no means does that mean that we’ve been doing take out for the last month!  Trying to put things together I just photographed some of my cooking and wanted to bring everyone up to date.  No step by steps, no ingredients, just food porn you may say!

We’ll start with the two recipes I highlighted in my book review of Well Fed by @melicious11.  The first was the Rogan Josh.  It’s really easy to make, and you just got to trust that ALL that spice goes in there!  I was a little surprised that my wife actually picked this one out and asked me to make it.  She’s not always into ethnic flavors, but this one hit the spot.  I made some quick mashed cauliflower flavored with fresh thyme, grated garlic, and a little coconut milk to serve with.

I also made the Chinese BBQ Pork.  I used country style boneless pork ribs, and I was out of apple sauce, so I just threw in one fresh apple that I peeled and cored.  Yum!

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Posted by on April 26, 2012 in Pictures


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