Easy Chicken Dinner

02 Feb

Evening everyone!  I’m on call, and got in a little late, so it was a quick dinner tonight.  After a rushed stop at Kroger for my goods, I came home and got to work. Simple dinner menu? Chicken Thighs, roasted King Trumpet mushrooms, and wilted red chard.

The mushrooms were easy.  Diced them into bite sized pieces and tossed them in this awesome garlic infused macadamia nut oil I found a Marshalls.  In the oven at 400 F for 20 minutes and done.

The chard was a last minute addition.  I’ve kind of been slacking on bringing greens into dinner lately, so I got the chard.  Wife wasn’t too excited, but she survived.  Washed them, and put them in hot olive oil for a minutes or so. I added a touch of chicken broth, a healthy dose of reduced balasmic vinegar, and some S&P.  Let it cook down till it was a nice sticky mess, and yum!

Chicken was even easier.  Season, saute, and done!

I’m telling all you doubters out there…this took me 15 minutes!!!  And it cost less than 20 bucks (fed all four of us, and could be much cheaper without the organic chicken). You can’t Paleo without cooking…so GET COOKING!!

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