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Review of Nutrition Guide Created by Whole 9 Life for My Clinic

I’m at my office and on my desk if a nice crisp and spiral bound copy of our new Nutrition guide that was created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and Whole 9 Life for my clinic the Freedman Clinic of Internal Medicine.  Here is the Cover…

Many of you may know Whole 9 as an online community for a Paleo based diet and the source of an amazing amount of easy to understand information about the science of Paleo.  You are correct of course, but they are also a tremendous partner for offices like mine as Nutritional Consultants.  For a very reasonable fee you can partner with them to create a COMPLETE guide to paleo centered nutritional recommendations for your clients or patients.  I feel like a kid in a candy store now that I finally have it, and I’m handing them out like hot cakes.

I agree with the Hartwigs that concentrating on a “paleo” diet is not optimal, and instead we emphasize picking foods that are simply healthy for us regardless of whether a caveman actually had it!  As in their book It Starts With Food we pick foods that:

1) Produce a Healthy Hormonal Response

2) Produce a Healthy Psychological Response

3) Maintain GI Integrity

4) Limit Systemic Inflammatory Response

As many of you know, taking a Paleo naive patient and explaining to them in detail what we eat, what we don’t eat, and most importantly why, is very difficult to do in the restraints of a typical 15 minute appointment.  With this guide I am able to introduce the key concepts, explain to them why I feel it is so important, and give them a product to take home that will be a complete introductary guide to how and what to eat, as well as explaining to them WHY!  The guide is able to do so in 10 pages or so and is very easy for a layperson to understand.  It also includes further vital information for a newbie such as a grocery guide, meal planning guide, a comprehensive FAQ section answering most common questions I can think of, and a good set of recipes to start.  As a bonus, it also includes a custom personal guide to the Whole 30 program for each patient if they are so inclined.  Like I said, this is a extremely well put together and laid out collection of information for a very reasonable price.  Here is a look at the Table of Contents!

If you are in the business of helping people improve their health, and you are looking for a comprehensive guide to helping people adapt to a Paleo based lifestyle, I highly recommend partnering with Whole 9 Life and having them customize a Nutritional Guide for your business.  I have no financial relationship with Whole 9, and get nothing if you work with them, I just feel this kind of product can help you as much as it has helped me and my partners.  I can finally concentrate simply on pointing patients in the right direction, and letting our Nutrition Guide educate them and fill in the details.

Interested in how I approach patients about adapting to a Paleo lifestyle, check THIS out.



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