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The BEST Vaca Frita You’ll Ever Eat! Quick and Easy

Vaca Frita_Fotor

Part of what we do here on PaleoHikerMD is cook, in particular Paleo friendly dishes. So, lets do some cooking!

Vaca Frita translates literally to “fried cow,” and it is one of my favorite Cuban/Puerto Rican dishes. Never heard of it? Well try it out! Want a taste of authentic Cuban food? TRY THIS!

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When Did I Know? – Tagged by Junkyard Fox

When Did You Know_Fotor

My buddy James and Junkyard Fox recently tagged me to do a video on “When Did I Know?”. When did I know that the outdoors was going to play such a major role in my life?

Join me on this personal journey of love and faith. Thanks for watching!

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The BEST Bushcraft Knife for the Money? – LT Wright Bushcrafter HC – Outdoor Arena Review

LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

Join me today as I talk a look at the LT Wright Bushcrafter in my latest review for The Outdoor Arena. I have to say guys, I LOVE this knife! Let me know what you think, and make sure and check out the other reviews below from other Arena members!

Irish Zombie Nation
Junkyard Fox
Lazy Man Prepper

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Battle Horse Knives BusyBee – Outdoor Arena Review

BHK BusyBee_Fotor

I was recently invited to join The Outdoor Arena, a review ring where we take a look at products and provide an unbiased review. How fortunate was I that my first review was of the Battle Horse Knives BusyBee! Join me as I take a look at this amazing knife and put it through some basic bushcraft paces.

The Outdoor Arena

Battle Horse Knives

Check out the Outdoor Arena Reviews on the BusyBee:

Irish Zombie Nation

Country Prepper

Black Rifle Survival

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Channel Update May 2016 – Lots of Plans!

Channel Update May 2016_Fotor

Hey everyone, as many of you know I’m in a state of transition right now from one house to another, and it is slowing down my video production. BUT, it’s not slowing down my plans!

In this video I give you some idea of what is to come on the channel over the coming year or so. It is an exciting time in the PaleoHikerMD household, and we hope you will come along for the ride!

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Refinishing a New Axe Handle: Snow and Nealley Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe

Snow & Nealley Axe_Fotor

Hey everyone! Sorry my videos have been slow to come out lately, but we are still knee deep in work at the new house…

I finally stole a morning to get away into the new shop and worked on a new axe I WON in Lenni’s giveaway from Live the Adventure! If you have not checked out Lenni’s channel, click on the link below and give him a follow!

Like many people I don’t like the way most axe handles feel when they come from the factory. The gloss finish is slippery, dangerous, and just does not feel good in the hands. In this video I show you my quick way to refinish an axe handle to make it safer and more comfortable! Thanks as always for watching 🙂

Live the Adventure –

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First Look at Our New Homestead! – The Projects Begins

New Home Intro_Fotor

I’ve been MIA a bit lately because we have just been so busy! Have a busy weekend ahead planned at our new place, and just wanted to give everyone a quick look at the grounds. Very excited about the things to come, and feel blessed by God for the opportunity to refresh this property. Thanks for watching everyone!

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Overnight Backpacking on the Backbone Trail

Backbone Overnight_Fotor

Join my buddy Philip and I as we head out on the Backbone Trail in Kistachie Hills Wilderness Area for an overnight adventure. The weather was amazing, and we had a wonderful time.

We hike in, find our spot, set up our hammocks, search for fatwood, cook dinner over an open fire, and tons more! It was so nice to FINALLY get out for a night in the woods…it had been too long. I hope for more overnight adventures soon, so stay tuned!

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Silent Coffee – An Afternoon in the Woods

Silent Coffee_Fotor

Join me for a quick afternoon in the woods! Often we get outside and forget the real reason we are there…just to enjoy beauty and some quiet. Enjoy the sights, the sounds, and some new gear namely my Bushcraft USA 10 x 7 tarp :), and a quick cup of coffee on my Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox…

As always, like, comment, subscribe, and share. Helps the channel grow! Thanks to EVERYONE for the support!

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Bushcraft Lunch with the Kids: Steak, Ramen, and Bannock!

Kids Bushcraft Lunch_Fotor

Join me as I take the kids out for a morning on the Backbone Trail! We find a nice spot, they help me build a fire, and we cook up quite a fine lunch. Steaks over the open fire on our custom bushcraft rig, bannock, and of coarse some Ramen Noodles! We had such a wonderful time, I just love time with my kids in the woods! The grow more and more interested in bushcrafting every time we go out. After we hung up our ENO hammocks, but ended up packing up and racing the rain to get back to the car. Join us on this fun adventure!

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