The Road to Fitness: Exciting Application of Paleo to Weight Loss Surgery Patients

21 Jun

Wanted to share a very interesting and exciting program I will be getting started with tomorrow.  Our local bariatric surgeon Dr. Sam Bledsoe has teamed up with myself and William Albritton, a first class trainer from our local Alexandria Crossfit, to put together an 8 week “The Road to Fitness” class.  Sam and William came up with the idea and asked me to come on board, but William is truly the work behind the program. Dr. Bledsoe has recruited 8 patients who have all had successful weight loss surgery and have lost over 50% of their pre-surgery body weight, but have reached a plateau and are unable to reach their ultimate goals.  They will go through the following program.

-Tomorrow night we kick it off with an Introduction covering the program overview, an introduction to crossfit, and a nutrition review discussing Paleo concepts (Will be encouraged to follow Whole 30 guidelines for first month)

-Over 8 weeks they will be scheduled for a series of physical activities including introductary low level crossfit WODs which will be adaptable to their current abilities and individual/group exercise away from the box

-They will maintain daily food logs which will be reviewed weekly by the coaches

-We will also have several get togethers to exchange Paleo recipes and food

Weight Loss Surgery patients are like any other patient, and the concepts of the Paleo lifestyle are a great way to kickstart their weight loss again, help them reach their goals, and further limit their exposure to chronic disease long term.  We will also be getting a group of people to utilize CrossFit who normally would be very intimidated to even show up for an introduction class.

Win-win all around!

Hope all have a great day, and please wish all our participants luck!



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2 responses to “The Road to Fitness: Exciting Application of Paleo to Weight Loss Surgery Patients

  1. stevehumer

    June 21, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Sounds like a great learning experience for you guys as well as a much needed assistance for the patients. I hope you keep readers updated, I’ll be interested in the process to hopefully learn a thing or to myself.

  2. Evette Sadohounme

    June 21, 2012 at 6:56 pm


    I think this is so wonderful! I hope it works for these patients, and allows them an opportunity to learn a better way of living. Sometimes, we stand in our own way, and are terrified of trying something different, especially if it removes us from our norm, even if the norm isn’t the healthiest way.

    I will be following to read your updates!


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