Whole 30 Days 25-26

01 Jun


Sorry everyone for not posting anything yesterday. It was a long day and I just went to bed before I could even look at my page. The last two days have been fairly uneventful from the culinary standpoint! Both days started with breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit. Whole 30 bacon of coarse! We actually kind of skipped lunch both days and just snacked on nuts and fruit…just busy having fun! Dinner last night was a Steakhouse, and tonight another barbecue joint. Both were good and hit the spot. We are packing up to head out tonight, so I don’t have much more for yall.

I will though tell yall about my family’s new obsession…Geocaching! For those who don’t know, geocaching is using a GPS device to locate hidden “caches” that can be pretty much anywhere. There is a whole world to it, and we are just getting started. Here are some pictures from our travels and newly discovered hobby.

Our First Geocache!

Visit to the aquarium to see the Penguins!


One of my top 3 National Parks, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Cataract Falls after an awesome day hike with the kids!

My vacation is coming to an end, and my Whole 30 is coming to an end. This experience, ESPECIALLY the section on vacation has been a real test of my commitment and will. I gotta say, I’ve wanted to cheat often, but have managed to keep it together!

Tomorrow will be challenging again as we hit the road back home. I will likely not be home tomorrow till late, so it’s hit or miss if I’ll post again till Sunday. Hope all are well!



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