Whole 30, Day 7

13 May

Today makes a week, and that is pretty exciting!

I taught my first sunday school lesson today, and that went pretty well. Fairly intimidating process, but none-the-less it seemed to go over well, and I’ll be teaching again in around a month.

This morning was absolutely crazy getting to church. My wife had to work as a volunteer in the nursery, and I was teaching. In the process of eating some cheerios my son decided he did not like the cup they were in, and proceeded to kick the cup across the room. Bad news…he got in a fair bit of trouble; good news…he may have a future in the NFL as a field goal kicker 😉

Breakfast throughout this fiasco consisted of a hard boiled egg. For lunch I took my wife and mother in law out to a mexican joint with the kids. Had a steak and grilled veggies…it was quite tasty. They are awesome and don’t mind me asking tons of questions about how EXACTLY they are cooking my food! For dinner we ate over at our neighbors house. It is quickly becoming a sunday tradition to eat over there while all the kids play in their pool. I make the main dish, she makes the sides. Of course they are also Paleo followers so it makes the whole thing great. Tonight for the main dish I made a Sous Vide Brisket that I cooked for 48 hours. This is what it looks like when you take it out.

Once out of the bag and completely dried, it’s time to hit the smoking hot cast iron skillet to brown on all sides. I put the skillet on high and let it heat up for 10 minutes so that it’s crazy hot. The results are always amazing.



My neighbor whipped up a few sides of roasted asparagus which were amazing, and the Pesto Spaghetti squash from the Make it Paleo cookbook. We all agreed that this side dish was the winner of the night. Absolutely amazing job by Kathryn on the sides again tonight!

Another great weekend has come to an end. Looking forward to a good week, and for the weekend. This saturday will be my wife and I’s first venture to our local Alexandria CrossFit. It’s about time we get more serious about our physical fitness…and we are ready to go! Hope everyone had a good weekend, and all the mothers had a good mother’s day!


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