Whole 30: Day 1

07 May


Well today was day one of my wife and I’s Whole 30. I’ve been mentally preparing for days without my Diet Dr. Pepper and couple of tablespoons of heavy cream in my coffee for a few weeks. As expected, it kind of sucked! I had a pretty nagging headache all day that I attribute to caffeine withdrawal. I know I can have black coffee or hot tea, but I really don’t like either all that much, and once I started to have the killer headache, I was determined to deal with it till it went away. This evening I feel tons better with the headache essentially gone.

It is amazing how easy it is to get food these days, even on Paleo, but not on the Whole 30. You really have to plan ahead or you end up not eating much. Today I ate a few eggs for and a dried fig for breakfast. At lunch I ate a few ounces of beef brisket and some blueberries. By dinner I was actually pretty hungry (which is a fairly odd feeling ever since I’ve gone Paleo). I made spaghetti squash and meat sauce Whole 30 style and it was amazing. I was hungry for real food, and it hit the spot.

I’ve drank more water today than I ever remember drinking in an entire day. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to adapt so far, but I’m determined to see this through. The drinking will be my issue, but I have my water bottle at the ready, and I’m drinking away!

We will see how tomorrow goes. But for now, one day down! This is all about food awareness and confidence in myself. I encourage everyone to do it…




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