Real Patient Data – A 65 Y/O Diabetic Male

27 Apr

Over time I plan on sharing patient experiences from my practice of people to take me up on my challenge to try a Paleo lifestyle. As the number grows, I continue to be impressed with the early results.

I have taken care of this gentleman for around 3 years. When I first met him his diabetes was tolerable, but not good. The key measurement for a diabetic is what is called a Hemoglobin A1C. It is a way for us to know the patient’s 3 month blood sugar average, and the goal for a diabetic is <7. His was initially around 8.5, and we were able to lower it to 7.5 with medication changes. At that point we got stuck, and began discussing insulin shots. On a recent visit he asked if he had any hope to avoid insulin, and I took the time to detail the Paleo diet, and why I felt it would be beneficial to him. He eagerly accepted the challenge, and went on his way with an appointment to return in 30 days. Here’s what we got…

Traditional Diabetic Diet to Paleo Diet 30 Days

Weight 255 to 245
Blood Pressure 140/80 to 116/70
Hgb A1C 7.36 to 6.57
Total Cholesterol 186 to 141
LDL (Bad) Chlesterol 98 to 60

Remember, we are talking about 30 days here. In real numbers he dropped his average blood sugar from 164.5 to 141.8. Please don’t forget, this is in 30 days, so his prior 60 days not on Paleo are still in the equation. For a true A1C we would have to get 90 day data (which we will in a few months!) If a drug company developed a drug that could get a 0.8 drop in Hgb A1C, they would be sitting on a solid little chunk of gold. Let’s not also discount the significant improvement in weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Pretty amazing if I say so myself.

So, what does this mean? We will have to see the sustainability of it as we continue to follow him over time. Now, not everyone may respond as well, and some will respond less. As I continue to interact with my patients, I will continue to fill everyone in on the results. I hope this is an encouragement for some, it certainly is to me.


DISCLAIMER: Although I am a physician, this information is not meant as medical advice for you or anyone you know. These are simply my experiences with patients and the Paleo diet. Please consult your personal physician before making any significant changes in your diet or medication regimen.


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